Successful show!

My solo show at the Yellow Barn Studio went really well! I had over 200 visitors, and many friends and family showed up, including people I hadn’t seen in decades. That was the best part — reconnecting with old friends!

On top of that, I sold 16 paintings. I would have sold 17 had I not somehow misplaced one while setting up the show. I had a friend who wanted to buy it, but I sitll can’t find it. I hope it will turn up!

It was cool to watch people engage with my work. I'd watch people look at my two pictures of Cabin John Woods (warm light in fall, cooler light in winter) and I'd see them move back and forth, comparing the two, just as I wanted. Some people would be fascinated by my cherry tree or dumpster; others by a portrait or still life. A few breezed through and left, unimpressed, lol. The experience fired me up to do more.

Prepping, framing, and hanging the show was great experience -- but far more work than I expected. I hung 63 pictures. I wish I'd spent more time thinking about how and where to hang things, but as it was I was up til 2 a.m. doing it. The last dozen or so, were done without much thought, as it was late and I was tired, and the presentation suffered accordingly. (I also used too many black frames.) 

Here’s an extreme wide-angle panorama shot of the show just as I opened the doors. (I’ve photoshopped out one person to preserve their privacy.) It was rarely this empty: I had a steady stream of guests, and I was on my feet for six hours each day. Fun!

Panorama of Show.jpg